Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The list of Action52 ownz games

Original thread of Action 52 OWNZ by mr. podunkian

Here is the Big List re edit:

1. Fire Breathers
Aspirant Designer: Radnom (dropped)


 Aspirant Designer: Gravity Games

Status:Work in progress

2. Star Evil by L

3. Illuminator by Fifth

4. G-Force Fighters
Aspirant Designer: Manuel Magalhães(rejected)

Aspirant Designer: SF
Developer's log

Status: Work in Progress

5.  Ooze

Aspirant Designer: ArmchairArmada (Dropped) 

Aspirant Designer: jakomocha

Status: Work in progress 

6. Silver Sword by L

7. Critical Bypass by Perrin

8. Jupiter Scope by lowpoly

9. Alfredo (also known as "Alfred N The Fettuc", according to its onscreen title) by Perrin
10. Operation Full-Moon by moi

11. Dam Busters

 Aspirant Designer: Alistair Aitcheson(unknown)
Status: Unknown, Presumably Vacant

12. Thrusters by BK-TN

13. Haunted Hill 
Aspirant Designer: Radix
Status: On Hold

14. Chill Out by GZStorm

15. Sharks

Aspirant Designer: Overkill(Drooped)

Aspirant Designer: Melly(Dropped)

Status: Vacant

16. Megalonia

Aspirant Designer: Arne(Dropped)

Aspirant Designer: Sundownkid and Geeze

Status: Work in Progress

17. French Baker

Aspirant Designer: Glyph and Skyshark
Musician: pgil
Status: On Hold. Artist Needed.

18. Atmos Quake by NAL

19. Meong by Neonlare

20. Space Dreams by Hangedman

21. Streemerz by podunkian

22. Spread Fire
Status: Vacant

23. Bubblegum Rosy (also known as "Bubble Gum Rossie", according to its title screen) by rdein

24. Micro Mike

Aspirant Designer: Paul Eres

Status: Work in progress

25. Underground

Aspirant Designer: WindowRunner(unknown)
Artist: Tuxedo-rider (unknown)

Status: Unknown

26. Rocket Jockey by pgil
27. Non-Human
Aspirant Designer: FrankieSmileShow

 Status: On Hold

28. Cry baby 
Aspirant Designer: ZH8T(Unknown)

Status: Unknown, Presumably Vacant 

29. Slashers

Aspirant Designer: Rolfsoldaat(Dropped)


Aspirant Designer: cosmic fool(unknown)
Programmer: Dragonmaw(unknown)

Status: Unknown, Presumably Vacant

30. Crazy Shuffle

Aspirant Designer01: Zaratustra(Dropped) 
Status: Dropped

Aspirant Designer: lowpoly(Unknown)


Aspirant Designer: NeonLare

Status: Work In Process

31. Fuzz Power by JaJitsu

32. Shooting Gallery by Lucas Pavone

33. Lollipops

Aspirant Designer: Scattle (dropped)
Status: Vacant

34. Evil Empire
Aspirant Designer: Saker (Dropped)
Status: Vacant

35. Sombreros by Dustin Gunn

36. Storm over the Desert by Pishtaco(Programming), unsilentwill(art),  Javet(music)

37. Mash Man by SharkArm Studios

38. They Came by GenericUser  
39. Lazer League by  Plasticware

40. Billy Bob
Aspirant Designer: godsavant, Tadakuni Amano, as pgil (this one was passed around a bit),(Dropped)

Status: Vacant

41. City of Doom by SharkArm Studios

42. Bits and Pieces

Aspirant Designer: hamburger(Rejected)


Aspirant Designer: pgil

Status:Work in progress

43. Beeps and Blips by easyname 

44.Manchester Beat
Status: Vacant

45. The Boss

Aspirant Designer: Crowe (Dropped)

Aspirant Designer: Offal (Dropped)

Aspirant Designer: AbortedSlunk
Progress thread

Status: Work In Progress

46. Dedant by oranda

47. Hambo (also known as "Hambos Adventures", according to its title screen)

Aspirant Designer: Ationsong (Rejected)

Aspirant Designer: Matt Thorson (Dropped)

Aspirant Designer: AkitoKrueger

Status: Work In progress

48. Time Warp Tickers by Melly

49. Jigsaw by CPW

50. Ninja Assault

Aspirant Designer: triplefox (Dropped)

Aspirant Designer: zez (unknown)

Status: Unknown, Presumably Vacant

51. Robbie Robot

Aspirant Designe: Golds (Dropped)

Aspirant Designer: sergiocornaga (Dropped)

Aspirant Designer: jimbob (Unknown)
Status: Unknown, Presumably Vacant

52. The Cheetahmen

Aspirant Designer: Konjak (Dropped)

Aspirant Designer: increpare (Dropped)

Aspirant Designer: Snake (Dropped)

Aspirant Designer: Snake

Status: Work in Progress